Monday Night Renaissance

Posted: April 13th, 2011

For those new to the Stubbies’ scene, they may have never had an opportunity to experience a Monday night at Stubbies. During the dark ages, before Stubbies served food one could partake in a chill Monday evening at Stubbies. Back in the mid-naughts, before the failed monetary policy of the Helicopter Ben (Ben Bernanke), the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury had pushed the Dollar to all-time lows against the Euro thus pushing the prices of high-quality German beers to an all-time high, you could enjoy a relaxing Monday night in Stubbies with some quality beers.  Luckily, Monday nights are back at Stubbies. I braved the third day of 90F+ heat (in early April!?) to be part of the first Monday night at Stubbies in quite some time. It was just like coming back home.  Everything I loved about Monday nights at Stubbies in the past was right there waiting for me again. So what makes Monday night so enjoyable?

First, you get a chance to chat with all the wonderful servers as well as the regulars who frequent Stubbies. You get a chance to ask them about what beers they really enjoy, what new beers they recommend, and even what may be available later in the week.  Second, you get a chance to chat with those same people about anything else you want, since no one will have to shout over a crowd or be hurried from table to table.  Third and most importantly, you get a chance to sit back and unhurriedly enjoy a delicious beer among others who really value the experience of great beer.  You might be wondering just how I enjoyed myself this muggy Monday evening.  I had three tasty draft beers — a Jever Pils, a Konig-Ludwig Weiss and an Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence. I savored each one and carefully recorded it on my ninth list, which I have affectionately named the “Monday List” in honor of the Monday night renaissance.  Not being one to waste time I also enjoyed a tasty Bratwurst. The Pomme Frites were fantastic. They were crisp and crunchy on the outside with a soft, moist center on the inside. Myhrvold would have been pleased.[1] I  know I was.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of Monday night at Stubbies, grab a friend or come solo next week to enjoy a less crowded and more chill experience.  -John


John has been a long-time regular and friend at Stubbies.  He started and finished his first list in 2004 and has gone on to complete more than 8 offender lists.   He enjoys many different types of beers as long as they are of high quality in craft and ingredients.  He can usually be found chilling at Stubbies with co-workers, friends, or just by himself and his laptop.  The staff at Stubbies always enjoys having John around with his witty jokes and jovial laugh.

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