Honor Thy Father… Join us for a beer this Father’s Day!

Posted: June 17th, 2011

Father’s Day will soon be upon us this weekend.  It is a chance to honor all that fathers do to make the world go ’round.  Certainly there is nothing more ubiquitous than Dad relaxing on this special Sunday in June with an easy chair, perhaps the US Open Golf Tournament on tv, and a good beer in hand.

As my sister and I grew up, our father Gar, always instilled in us a desire to be curious about the world and try as many things as possible whether it be food, drink, travel, or hobbies.  It was during my college years that Gar began trying to educate me about beer and wine.  Funny enough… I resisted this education.  The taste of beer and wine really didn’t appeal to me or stick to my interests.  Admittedly, my palate just wasn’t ready.  It wasn’t until just after finishing college and working in Japan that I started to truly appreciate the taste of beer, wine, and even sake.  Living in Tokyo was a great experience for a lot of reasons, but suddenly beer and wine paired with the incredible array of new food to try made so much sense to my palate.  Eating yakitori paired with a locally brewed Yebisu lager, or a wonderful Yamanashi wine with a beef dish such as shabu shabu became a wonderful way to experience my new home.

When I finally returned to the US for graduate school, Gar helped me to learn more and more about beer and all the wonderful varieties from around the world.  Super hoppy IPAs became my go-to style of beer, but I also learned about German wheat beers and the exciting world of Belgian ales.  Moreover, I developed an appreciation for wine too.  Finding an inexpensive yet interesting and tasty bottle of vino became a new hobby.  I was instantly smitten with Cabs from California as well as Shiraz from Australia to name just a few.

Truly, all of these experiences for learning and tasting would not have been possible without the guiding force that is my dad, Gar.  Indeed, Stubbies itself owes a great debt to Gar for being established.  We are sure you have many stories of your dad’s influence in your life too.  So, on this Father’s Day, we invite you to join us for Sunday brunch in honor of Dad.

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