Now OPEN Sunday Brunches and Monday Nights

Posted: April 5th, 2011

We asked you (our guests) when you would like for us (Stubbies) to be open for more hours… The response we got was overwhelmingly positive, but divided between Sunday (or a weekend brunch) and Monday nights.  Therefore, we have decided to open for both times.  If you want us to remain open for one or both of those times, please come vote with your fork, knife, and glass!

We have an exciting menu planned for Sunday brunch (starting this Sunday April 10)… How about European crepes, quiches, and German sausages with eggs for starters on Sunday?  Plus there are some great specials planned for Monday nights (starting this Monday April 11) as well…  And how about buy one, get one free glasses of house wine on Monday nights with any food purchase?  We are looking forward to seeing you during our new hours of the week!

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