Offender Plaque Updating

Posted: March 2nd, 2011

Hi All,

We are so excited to have this site up and running for you.  We truly wish to maintain this site for our valued guests’ usage.  We are especially grateful to our regular guests who have become offenders (completing 100 beers in 1 year) .  We realize that we may have made typos in listing our offenders on this page and are working to proofread and correct errors when we find them.  (With so much information to compile, we still consider this an ongoing work in progress).  Moreover, there are offender plaques we still need to post for folks who have completed 5 sheets or more.  Please don’t worry… we are working on this!  If you see where we have made a mistake, please email  We will be happy to hear from you!


Stubbies & Steins

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