• Tonight we are featuring Corned Beef and Cabbage with potatos and carrots for just $10.  We will be pouring from Gainesville’s largest selection of beer too.  Don’t miss the NCAA Men’s Basketball action… We will be showing the games all night.  Come by and get a lil’ luck o’ the Irish.

  • After the Gator’s defiant win and lots o’ leprechaun action last night, a little hangover helper is just what everyone needs to get this weekend going great.  Tonight we are having hearty beef hash with 2 eggs and your choice of potato for just $6.  Pair that with a tasty beer and you have the recipe for a serious rally.  Come keep the party going with us tonight!

  • As we flip the calendar page to December, it reminds us that the Holidays are here again!  It is a marvelous time of year… gorgeous weather (cool, crisp and dry!), seasonal beers are flowing, our chef is preparing specialty dishes for upcoming beer events and holiday parties, and Jay is decking the *beer* hall with many a garland and string of white lights.  More and more folks are gathering to wind down the semester and relax as the end of the year nears.

    While we enjoyed a fantastic Swamp Head tap night and Goose Island launch party in November, we will continue our Wednesday tap nights in December featuring food specials and glassware giveaways. Wednesday December 5, Stubbies will host the Highland Brewing tap night from Asheville, NC.  Chef Kevin is preparing some great North Carolina style BBQ to pair with these delicious beers.  The following Wednesday (December 12), Stubbies is pleased to be hosting the Southern Tier tap night from NY state. And of course, Kevin and his crew will whip up some tasty treats.  As UF graduation weekend is upon us we expect to meet many folks from out of town celebrating with their graduates.  PLEASE NOTE:  Stubbies will be closed for a private party on Sunday December 16!

    Indeed, whether you are just having a few folks visit from out of town for the holidays or you have an entire office party to plan, Stubbies is a great choice for all!  Please call in advance and let us know if you have a large party so that we may accommodate your every need.

    Overwhelmed with shopping crowds?  Don’t be!  Come relax with a beer or 2 and let us work up a custom gift basket or gift certificate for anyone and everyone on your list.

    So as we wrap up our 10th Fall semester in business, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our guests for keeping us here in Gainesville serving up all these delicious beers… Thank you!  We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you and ringing in a happy 2013!

  • Father’s Day will soon be upon us this weekend.  It is a chance to honor all that fathers do to make the world go ’round.  Certainly there is nothing more ubiquitous than Dad relaxing on this special Sunday in June with an easy chair, perhaps the US Open Golf Tournament on tv, and a good beer in hand.

    As my sister and I grew up, our father Gar, always instilled in us a desire to be curious about the world and try as many things as possible whether it be food, drink, travel, or hobbies.  It was during my college years that Gar began trying to educate me about beer and wine.  Funny enough… I resisted this education.  The taste of beer and wine really didn’t appeal to me or stick to my interests.  Admittedly, my palate just wasn’t ready.  It wasn’t until just after finishing college and working in Japan that I started to truly appreciate the taste of beer, wine, and even sake.  Living in Tokyo was a great experience for a lot of reasons, but suddenly beer and wine paired with the incredible array of new food to try made so much sense to my palate.  Eating yakitori paired with a locally brewed Yebisu lager, or a wonderful Yamanashi wine with a beef dish such as shabu shabu became a wonderful way to experience my new home.

    When I finally returned to the US for graduate school, Gar helped me to learn more and more about beer and all the wonderful varieties from around the world.  Super hoppy IPAs became my go-to style of beer, but I also learned about German wheat beers and the exciting world of Belgian ales.  Moreover, I developed an appreciation for wine too.  Finding an inexpensive yet interesting and tasty bottle of vino became a new hobby.  I was instantly smitten with Cabs from California as well as Shiraz from Australia to name just a few.

    Truly, all of these experiences for learning and tasting would not have been possible without the guiding force that is my dad, Gar.  Indeed, Stubbies itself owes a great debt to Gar for being established.  We are sure you have many stories of your dad’s influence in your life too.  So, on this Father’s Day, we invite you to join us for Sunday brunch in honor of Dad.

  • Contributed by guest beer blogger Nathan:

    As I was sitting in a restaurant in St. Augustine on Mother’s Day, I got to thinking about craft beer; mostly because there was a flyer on the table promoting craft beer, and a particular keg they intended to tap for American Craft Beer Week. Surveying the bar, I noticed that most of the barfly’s with me were drinking what I refer to as “beer water”; the Budweiser, Coors or Miller beers that are so very popular these days. Few were drinking the locally brewed craft beer or any other craft beer available. Even though there were advertisements promoting craft beer, and a local craft beer on tap, most patrons hadn’t strayed from their comfort zones. I pondered the question: why aren’t more people enjoying the very same IPA or Maibock my wife and I were drinking? My answer:  they simply don’t know about beer. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably been in a similar situation before.  Let’s change the scenery. We’re with the same people, only this time we’re in Stubbies & Steins or Tipples Brews – two prime examples of Gainesville craft beer retailers at their finest. You won’t find a Budweiser, Miller or Coors product in the coolers. You will find hundreds of other beers from America and the rest of the world dominating their inventory.  We’ll be fine – but what about our new friends?

    Helping someone select a beer that they will like is a difficult task – mostly because people don’t know what they like. As craft beer enthusiasts, it is our job, nay calling, to educate. But how? There are so many great beers available and if people generally don’t know what they want, how can we recommend something? Some of my general rules:

    • Find out what they usually drink and try and relate it to something on the craft beer menu. If they’re a Miller/Coors/Budweiser drinker, they might be happy starting with a Pilsner. It would offer a similar color, texture and mouthfeel. Look for a Czech style beer. Perhaps they like their stouts, and Guinness is a staple. To be sure, Guinness is an amazing beer, but you could easily move someone into the avenues of porters or imperial stouts.
    • What’s on the menu? Beer, like wine, can be paired with meals for a culinary extravaganza. Going for something hearty like a stew, well a Stout would go well with that. Spicy food? Well a Pale Ale or India Pale Ale might be the way to go.
    • What do you crave? If someone is after a fruity beer, there are plenty of fruit flavored wheat beers on the market. Feeling more adventurous, perhaps a Lambic is on the agenda. Maybe they’re into something a little spicy, and a witbier with some coriander flavors might just tickle their fancy. Something sweet? Maybe a Belgian could be considered. There are so many different options to choose from. Like banana? You might get a Banana Bread Beer, but more likely, you’ll be served something like a hefeweizen.  What if they want wine? Well, there is a beer for that, too – a barleywine, a mead or even a brut.
    • What color do you like? In many cases, color is an important factor. If they like their beer golden and yellow, then a blonde or pilsner may be the way to go. Don’t forget, though, that many a Belgian-Style Ale has this same color characteristic. Maybe it’s penny colored and any of the amber ale’s might be a good choice. They like dark beers, well you have your choice of porters and stouts, or even scotch ale’s.

    Obviously, this is a very general series of suggestions, and the list should go on and on and on…

    For those who are new to craft beer and have a difficult time making a decision, my advice to you is to talk, ask questions and experiment. Ask your server, publican or craft beer retailer about recent releases or popular beers.  Tell them what you’ve had before and that you’d like to try something similar. Also consider that just because something is dark, it doesn’t mean that it is heavy or has high alcohol content. A porter looks surprisingly similar to a stout and in many cases has lower alcohol content but shares a similar rich characteristic. A Belgian Style Ale might look similar to Budweiser, but might back a punch of 7% ABV. Still not sure what to get? I used to start with the cool names!

    About me:

    I’m Nathan. I grew up in Australia and have lived in Japan and the UK before relocating to the USA when I got married. My first visit to Stubbies back in 2003 got me hooked on craft beer, though I had been drinking craft beer on and off for a while. In order to remember even half of the beer I try, I keep a blog. It can be found at . It basically details exactly what I was thinking/experiencing/feeling/tasting in the first moments I drink the beer. I take notes on the first smells, pour and tastes. I do most of my tasting at Stubbies & Steins or at Tipples Brews in SW Gainesville.  Beer is a hobby for me: I dabble in home brewing. My day job is a training coordinator for a nonprofit organization. I have a wonderful wife and two great daughters.

  • On April 23 (this Saturday!) Stubbies & Steins will celebrate our 8 year anniversary. Gar and I are extremely grateful to the people of our community for giving us the chance to serve you a large selection of import and craft brews. We would not still be here without your patronage and support. We thank you for the chance to serve you over these past 8 years.

    Many of you who are personally acquainted us (Gar and Berkeley) know that Japan and the people of Japan are near and dear to our hearts. (I used to live and work in Japan from 1998-2000 and return there for visits as often as possible.) As we celebrate our wonderful downtown Gainesville community this Saturday, we will remember those who have lost their communities and so much more in Japan. Stubbies & Steins will donate $1 to the Japanese Red Cross Society for every beer, wine, cider, or soda we sell on Saturday to support those people effected by earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    We hope you will join us this Saturday evening.

    Berkeley and Gar

  • Dear Friends of Stubbies & Steins,


    After a tremendous amount of personal and professional reflection, I have decided to close Stubbies & Steins after devoting more than 12 years of my life to this endeavor. This is not a decision I have entered into lightly or capriciously, and I wanted to share with our loyal friends and supporters some of the reasons why I have chosen to close it. I also want to thank you at the outset for your support throughout the years.

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in January 2011, and am unable to drink beer or consume gluten. While the term ‘gluten free’ has become a punch line on late night talk shows about dieters, it is not a joke or frivolous thing for me. For me and other sufferers of Celiac disease, living a gluten free life is the difference between days or weeks in bed and a healthy, active lifestyle. To say that this has had an effect upon my interaction with the beer business in a gross understatement. It has changed my world entirely.

    I’m sure that some of you are wondering why I simply do not sell the business or allow others to take it over completely. I certainly tried to navigate those options with some really wonderful people who would have kept the vision alive that my dad and I created. Unfortunately, there were just too many items to negotiate with the other parties to satisfy. Although there was not success in the concerted effort to keep Stubbies & Steins open, I know my father would have been proud of my attempt. Even at the end of all of this, I am at great peace with the final outcome. Our last night of business will be Saturday September 27, 2014.

    I will be forever grateful for the friendship and support that Gainesville and the larger beer community has given to Stubbies & Steins, my dad, and me. It is with gratitude in my heart that I ask one last favor – let’s make the last 10 days of Stubbies & Steins’s existence a blowout party and celebration of all the amazing years we had together. So let’s drink the rest of these tasty beers, chow down on sausage and our homemade pommes frites, and create a few more memories!


    Berkeley Hoflund

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  • Stubbies & Steins will be CLOSED Monday December 24th and Tuesday December 25th in order for our staff to spend time with their loved ones.  We look forward to serving you during our regular hours on Wednesday December 26.  Have a safe and happy holiday!!

  • For those new to the Stubbies’ scene, they may have never had an opportunity to experience a Monday night at Stubbies. During the dark ages, before Stubbies served food one could partake in a chill Monday evening at Stubbies. Back in the mid-naughts, before the failed monetary policy of the Helicopter Ben (Ben Bernanke), the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury had pushed the Dollar to all-time lows against the Euro thus pushing the prices of high-quality German beers to an all-time high, you could enjoy a relaxing Monday night in Stubbies with some quality beers.  Luckily, Monday nights are back at Stubbies. I braved the third day of 90F+ heat (in early April!?) to be part of the first Monday night at Stubbies in quite some time. It was just like coming back home.  Everything I loved about Monday nights at Stubbies in the past was right there waiting for me again. So what makes Monday night so enjoyable?

    First, you get a chance to chat with all the wonderful servers as well as the regulars who frequent Stubbies. You get a chance to ask them about what beers they really enjoy, what new beers they recommend, and even what may be available later in the week.  Second, you get a chance to chat with those same people about anything else you want, since no one will have to shout over a crowd or be hurried from table to table.  Third and most importantly, you get a chance to sit back and unhurriedly enjoy a delicious beer among others who really value the experience of great beer.  You might be wondering just how I enjoyed myself this muggy Monday evening.  I had three tasty draft beers — a Jever Pils, a Konig-Ludwig Weiss and an Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence. I savored each one and carefully recorded it on my ninth list, which I have affectionately named the “Monday List” in honor of the Monday night renaissance.  Not being one to waste time I also enjoyed a tasty Bratwurst. The Pomme Frites were fantastic. They were crisp and crunchy on the outside with a soft, moist center on the inside. Myhrvold would have been pleased.[1] I  know I was.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of Monday night at Stubbies, grab a friend or come solo next week to enjoy a less crowded and more chill experience.  -John


    John has been a long-time regular and friend at Stubbies.  He started and finished his first list in 2004 and has gone on to complete more than 8 offender lists.   He enjoys many different types of beers as long as they are of high quality in craft and ingredients.  He can usually be found chilling at Stubbies with co-workers, friends, or just by himself and his laptop.  The staff at Stubbies always enjoys having John around with his witty jokes and jovial laugh.

  • Welcome back from Spring Break 2011… We expect everyone had a great break from the old grind!  Whether or not you had a chance to kick back and relax last week, you should drop by the pub this week and check out the HALF DOZEN NEW BEERS on tap tonight!

    Stone Cali-Belgique, Carlsberg, Coney Island Human Blockhead, Coronado Islander IPA, Dogfish Red & White, and Affligem Tripel round out several of the new beers we have added for your enjoyment.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Join us for Monday December 31st to ring in 2013 at Stubbies & Steins!  We will be serving our regular dinner menu along with plenty of beer, wine and cider.  We will even have delicious bottles of French sparkling wine for just $20/bottle.  Don’t miss out on the festivities and merriment for a great start to 2013!

    Also, please note that Stubbies & Steins will be CLOSED on New Year’s night (Tuesday January 1st).  All regular hours will resume after this short holiday for our staff.  We look forward to serving you in 2013… our 10th anniversary year!

  • We asked you (our guests) when you would like for us (Stubbies) to be open for more hours… The response we got was overwhelmingly positive, but divided between Sunday (or a weekend brunch) and Monday nights.  Therefore, we have decided to open for both times.  If you want us to remain open for one or both of those times, please come vote with your fork, knife, and glass!

    We have an exciting menu planned for Sunday brunch (starting this Sunday April 10)… How about European crepes, quiches, and German sausages with eggs for starters on Sunday?  Plus there are some great specials planned for Monday nights (starting this Monday April 11) as well…  And how about buy one, get one free glasses of house wine on Monday nights with any food purchase?  We are looking forward to seeing you during our new hours of the week!

  • Hi All,

    We are so excited to have this site up and running for you.  We truly wish to maintain this site for our valued guests’ usage.  We are especially grateful to our regular guests who have become offenders (completing 100 beers in 1 year) .  We realize that we may have made typos in listing our offenders on this page and are working to proofread and correct errors when we find them.  (With so much information to compile, we still consider this an ongoing work in progress).  Moreover, there are offender plaques we still need to post for folks who have completed 5 sheets or more.  Please don’t worry… we are working on this!  If you see where we have made a mistake, please email  We will be happy to hear from you!


    Stubbies & Steins

  • Don’t have your tickets booked for Oktoberfest in Munich?! No worries!… Join us at Stubbies & Steins now through October 6th and the entire month of October as we celebrate our 10th Fall season serving Gainesville a huge variety of craft and import beer.

    Now through October 6th Stubbies will be serving up a variety of German beers on tap nightly in liter steins at just $10 per liter! Don’t miss our special event nights listed below either!!

    Just a few of these beers by the liter include:

    Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest
    Spaten Optimator
    Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest
    HofBrau Hefeweisse
    HofBrau Dunkel Lager
    Erdinger Hefeweisse
    Weihenstephaner Dunkel Weiss
    HofBrau Oktoberfest

    + MANY more to come!

    Of course, Chef Kevin will be whipping up plenty of German creations in the kitchen every night to perfectly pair with our large variety of German beers on draft. Please check our FB page regularly to see our specials!

    For special Oktoberfest events, we have several great nights planned!…

    Wednesday September 26: GAR’S BIRTHDAY and RETIREMENT PARTY! SHHH, it’s a SURPRISE! Drop by later in the evening, have a beer, wish Gar a Happy Birthday and join us for his favorite homemade cupcakes. We will be giving away cupcakes as long as they last!

    Saturday September 29:  Join us in support of Project HEAL.  This UF Medical Student organization will be at the pub enjoying Oktoberfest and working towards raising money to fund their incredible work in Ecuador.  Come by and support this wonderful UF organization!
    Wednesday October 3: OFFENDER APPRECIATION NIGHT!!
    Have you finished an Offender Sheet or more?!… Stubbies wants to reward you for your loyalty over the past 10 Fall seasons!

    Offenders who have finished 1 sheet will receive 10% OFF select bier and food!
    2 sheets finished = 20% off selected bier and food
    3 sheets finished = 30% off selected bier and food
    4 sheets finished = 40% off selected bier and food
    5+ sheets finished = 50% off selected bier and food

    Moreover, Stubbies will be unveiling our very special loyalty program for folks who finish 5+ offender sheets called the “High Five Club”… you won’t want to miss it!

    Friday October 5: “Drink some ALES, Save some TAILS” event to support the Alachua County Humane Society!

    Come drink a beer or several at Stubbies! Stubbies will donate $1 to the ACHS for every beer we sell! It’s a great cause and a great reason to have a few tasty beers! (as if you need a reason?!)

    Saturday October 6: Stubbies will open early for everyone to catch the Gators take on LSU… Don’t miss it!

  • A very Happy New Year to all of our Stubbies guests.  We are so excited to be looking ahead just a few short months from now to our 11 year Anniversary.  We have so much to celebrate with many great things planned for this spring.  From a variety of Wednesday night TAP TAKEOVERS (think Rogue, Dogfish Head, Cigar City Brewing, Pensacola Bay Brewing, and many many more!) to Thursday night TRIVIA, to amazing food specials from our kitchen, Stubbies always has something great happening!

    We look forward to opening this Sunday January 19 at 4pm for the MLK holiday weekend.  We will be showing plenty of NFL Playoff action on our large screen TVs.  So come take advantage of a little extra time with your family and friends and relax at Stubbies!


  • Happy Summer all! Stubbies will be closing on Sundays during the summer in order to update our space, make improvements, and generally get ready for a kickin’ fall semester and football season.  Keep an eye out for great things to come!

  • Dear Friends and Guests of Stubbies & Steins,

    Many of you may know that our beloved dad passed away suddenly and peacefully Tuesday January 15. In the days since then there has been an enormous amount of love and blessings sent our way… we are so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by you in this wonderful community.  Thank you.

    In tribute and remembrance of Gar Hoflund, we are dedicating Sunday January 20th at the pub as Gar Day.  We open for all guests and friends of Gar to join this celebration from 4pm until Close.  We will be showing photos of Gar throughout the evening and offering Gar’s most favorite beers on special for the night.

    We hope you will join us to share stories, smiles, and lots of laughs as we remember the good times and raise a pint in Gar’s honor.

    Thank you for all your support and encouragement during this difficult time.


    Berkeley and Bryce Hoflund

  • Thank you Gainesville for a wonderful 10 years! Stubbies and our guests enjoyed a fun and prize-filled night on Wednesday April 24th to celebrate a DECADE of craft and import beer in Gainesville.  We would not be able to do what we enjoy so much without your support… We are so grateful for your loyalty and patronage!


    Berkeley and the entire Stubbies & Steins staff

  • Stubbies & Steins is very happy to have Fall 2011 underway.  There are so many things that we love about Fall here in Gainesville… need we mention Football?… Oktoberfest?… Pumpkin ales?… Cooler weather?…  What’s not to love about autumn in Gainesville?!  As the new school year gets started, Stubbies is excited to bring you not only the largest selection of beer in town, but also some of the best food and drink specials around.  Check out our Facebook page for the latest nightly deals and discounts.  Don’t forget that we have late night food munchies and our Sunday brunch with mimosas and beer.

    To get the semester started off right, come in on Tuesday August 23 and enjoy $2 OFF all Belgian bottles all night long!

  • It is a pleasure to bring our guests the latest information about our food & beverage products, happenings around the pub, as well as interesting tidbits from the world of beer connoisseurship with the launch of our new and improved website.  We hope this will serve as a good resource for not only our loyal guests, but also those folks who are interested in good beer, good food, and good times.

    One fun feature of this site is our homepage replica of the draft chalkboard showing our current selection of beers on tap.  Now if guests have a smart phone, it is possible to sit at your table and see our current tap selection without being bothered to leave your seat.  Also, we will be rolling out new bottled beers, wines, ciders and food selections and will post the latest news in this blog.  If you have completed our Offender Program, you are getting special recognition on this site as well… check out our Offender’s page!
    We welcome you to sit back, relax, pour a finely crafted beer and enjoy as you surf our new site…

  • But, have you tried our dinner entrees?  True, we have always had a long and distinguished list of beers.  Stubbies started with a list of about 70 beers almost 9 years ago, but we have grown and evolved into so much more in the past decade.  With the completion of an expanded space in 2008, we opened a small, but capable kitchen.  Our offerings include everything from handmade pommes frites with curry ketchup to gourmet sausages to a Sunday brunch offering now.  We are pleased to also bring a bit of old Germany to our menu with a variety of schnitzels and meatballs braised in beer.  And for this Wednesday through Saturday (August 3-6) we are pleased to offer our chicken and pork schnitzels and Belgian meatballs at half-off the usual menu price… Let’s just say, it’s been a terrific summer and we are excited to have everyone join us as we get geared up for fall!