• A delicious smoked and cured pork loin, traditionally enjoyed with a side of whipped new potatoes and seasonal accompaniments.  Please ask your server for this season’s offerings!

  • A serving of delicious traditional Bavarian meat  loaf along with two sides.  Please choose from Pommes Frites, Warm Spiced Red Cabbage, Warm German Potato Salad, Whipped Potatoes, cold Green Bean Dill Salad, Cucumber Salad, Potato Pancakes, a whole Pickle, or Onion Rings.

  • Our daily seafood selection, prepared with lemon beurre blanc and served with green beans and whipped new potatoes.

  • Michael Moseley

  • Another traditional Rhineland dish, this beef strip loin is marinated in red wine and vinegar, braised, and served with a rich brown sauce, accompanied by sautéed new potatoes and spiced red cabbage.

  • A German bierhall specialty purported to increase one’s virility.  Strammer Max is a serving of Leberkaese, slightly browned, topped with two fried eggs and warm German potato salad on the side.